Posted by: secretperson | July 24, 2008

Tories Reach Out Across the Union

The Conservatives, seen by many as a party really only based in England, will look to reform ties with the Ulster Unionists to bolster their cross UK credentials. There have been no official Westminster ties since the 1970s, but UUP votes helped prop up John Major’s government at times, and former leader David Trimble sits as a Conservative in the Lords, so it is not unprecedented. The plan is for UUP MPs to take the Conservative whip and be offered government posts.

Cameron is a staunch Unionist, and many others in what is still officially the Conservative and Unionist party are too. But if he was to come to power on the back of English votes only, the Union could be damaged. Many on Scotland still remember the Thatcher years and hold it against the Tories. With MPs from Northern Ireland, the Tories, even with only a couple of Welsh and Scottish seats (they currently hold 3 and 1 respectively) could rightly claim to be the only party with seats in all the home nations.

From the UUP point of view, it is (obviously) a Unionist party and wants to tie Northern Ireland to the main UK government, not separate with a totally different political system. Leader Sir Reg Empey sees it as making NI finally a “normal” part of the UK. It may also boost their chances of election if people feel they will have a chance to form part of the government.

What worries me is that the better the Conservatives and Unionists do outside of England, the less chance England has of getting its own parliament or even just EVoEL. And could a Labour resurgence leading to a small Con+UUP majority lead to a West Belfast question?



  1. Yeah – you can bet that nothing good for England will come out of this.

  2. Cameron is entrenching us in NI for years to come and preventing unification with the rest of Ireland.
    He should ashamed of himself, especially when the DUP stabbed us in the back over 48 days.

    Incidentally, Cameron doesn’t like the English. I refer to his speech in Glasgow in which he went overboard to insult the English and lick up to the Scots.

    He says he doesn’t want to be PM of England. That’s fine. He’d have to apply for the job anyway when we get our own Parliament and he’s not up to it.

  3. Helen, but the majority of people in Northern Ireland oppose a United Ireland. How would you like it if England was forced to unify with, say, France?

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