Posted by: secretperson | July 22, 2008

English Banned From Scottish Museum

The Edinburgh dungeon will commemorate the Battle of Falkirk in 1298, in which Edward I defeated William ‘Mel Gibson’ Wallace by banning English visitors unless they sign a pledge of allegiance to Scotland.

While this can only add to the reputation of some Scots as bitter and living in the past, I won’t take it seriously. If they don’t want me in Edinburgh I just won’t visit. I would suggest we remember the battle of Hastings by banning French people or Stamford bridge by banning Norwegians, but I am not bitter. And it would technically, as the Scottish decison does, fall foul of Race Relation Regulations (for which the Scottish and English count as ethnic groups).

But some silly stunt based on a 700 year old battle is nothing. What we need is an excuse to ban Gordon Brown from parliament all year round.



  1. You should take this up with the English company whose ruse this is.

  2. I’m not going to take it up with anyone, I don’t really care, I will rise above it whoever is responsible.

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