Posted by: secretperson | July 17, 2008

A Second Labour Move I Approve Of!

Having moaned recently about how my non-partisan blog was looking really Tory because of Labour incompetence, I am happy to praise them a second time (after helping ‘have-a-go heroes’). They will double the maximum compensation that can be paid to wounded soldiers. Now if they would only increase support and equipment in the field, or even reduce our commitments if we can’t afford to send soldiers in properly equipped.

This move shows the advantage of having a government under pressure. In a move to outdo the Tories they are making concessions in traditional Tory areas. I don’t care if the government U-turns, if it was going the wrong way in the first place. I still think the Conservatives would do a better job in power (best of a bad bunch) but hopefully when they get elected it will be with a small majority. A government under risk of rebellion or electoral defeat has to respond to public concerns.

Oh yeah suspending fuel duty increases was good too, even if it is probably a by-election bribe.

Note Mr Brown, public concerns, the electorate, that is democracy. Not the concerns of the Unions because they fund your bankrupt party. If only we could get significant pressure on him to withdraw from the EU, establish an English parliament, make large tax cuts and reduce state inteference – who knows maybe Brown’s about to hit a roll!


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