Posted by: secretperson | July 16, 2008

Jack Straw Says be a Hero!

After many years of resisting this common sense move, Jack Straw has passed a law giving some legal protection to ‘have-a-go heroes’.

Now you can use force against someone who invades your home (as if you wouldn’t have done before!) and punch muggers in the street. Some think this has been inspired by Jack ‘the Strawman’ Straw’s own have-a-go heroics on four separate occasions! Some think it is a cynical ploy to try and win some desperately needed votes after many years of resisting similar moves in Private Member’s Bills.

The Tories, who you would expect to support the move, are claiming these rights are already established in case law. But, although I am a fan of our common law system, it doesn’t hurt to send a message to victims who think about fighting back, and to the numerous police forces we hear about who turn up to crimes only to arrest victims who have had a go. There is a story on the BBC today about a man, just freed by a court, who held teenagers who had entered his property for two hours waiting for police only to be arrested himself.

It took them long enough, but this is the right move from Labour.


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