Posted by: secretperson | July 11, 2008

Judge Gordon Brown on the Economy

This report, via an Englishma’s Castle, shows how the EU is once again criticising the UKs economy.

Gordon Brown is always saying how we are well placed to weather the coming economic storm, and he is the best man to guide the country through difficult times. In fact Labour say very little else right now apart from ‘difficult times’ and ‘feeling the pinch’ while in full denial of how bad it really is.

But like the ever increasing exam results as we slip down international education tables, an independent outside view reveals the truth. DO NOT listen to a word they say, the government lie. The situation, economically, in the public services and with crime is not good.

We need a big change. The Conservatives will win the next election, but they will only be a small change. Someone needs to shake these politicians up and force them to at least tell us the truth even if they can’t do anything about it.

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