Posted by: secretperson | July 8, 2008

EU Police in Britain

We all know EU politicians can be out of touch with the public (unless you are pro-EU in which case you probably think it is the public that are out of touch!). But the latest scheme to put multi-lingual police stations in member states in order top help out tourists is unlikely to win voters round to the EU – as the French minister suggesting it thinks.

Certainly speaking as an English EUsceptic, they don’t need to do anything more to win me over, they need to do less. Useful though it might be to talk to an English policeman if robbed abroad, they would presumably have no power to act, so all they would do would be a translator. Are trained police to be used as translators instead of fighting crime? What a waste.

And they should know there are some very cynical EUsceptics here in England (and I guess some of the rest of Britain, and the EU too) who will see in this an attempt to introduce a superstate by stealth. Once they have the police in place, how long before the gendarmes? Will there be any ‘mission creep’, with police accountable to Brussels enforcing EU rules on member states?

I don’t believe there is malice in the plan, but plenty of people will, and it will certainly win around no voters.



  1. The problem, of course, is that there doesn’t actually have to be malice in the initial proposal; once the infrastructure is in place, some bright spark *will* eventually come along and use it maliciously.

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