Posted by: secretperson | July 5, 2008

What is it with the London Mayor and Sleaze?

Ken Livingstone had Lee Jasper, lots of complaints about corruption (nothing proven yet) but forced to resign. Now Boris Johnson has Ray Lewis, lots of complaints about corruption (nothing proven yet) and caught lying about being a Justice of the Peace and forced to resign.

I earlier applauded the appointment of Lewis, his background running a succesful inner city academy seemed to qualify him well for his job, but this resignation raises again the issues that occurred with Jasper. Where do these appointed advisors sit in our political system?

Neither politicians or civil servants, they only need resign if they embarass their master enough. Johnson, despite having a long period of office ahead, seems to be taking a hard line, possibly knowing he will be looked at as an example of a Tory in power before a probable 2010 election. He may have come out all guns blazing behind Lewis on Thursday, but following the new revelations he was quick to go.

I wonder if the lefties will dismiss this as racism, as they did for Jasper’s allegations?

I hope Ray Lewis can go back to the worthwhile projects that got him this job in the first place. In politics you must be squeaky clean, and appear to be squeaky clean, and you must certainly not be caught lying (I almost said you must not lie then! We all know that isn’t true in politics). In the different place that is the real world, away from the publicity, he may still have a contribution to make.

Maybe Boris will be more careful who he appoints next time.


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