Posted by: secretperson | July 5, 2008

School Forces Islamic Prayer on Children

As part of its “diversity curriculum” a Cheshire school got 11 and 12 year old pupils to pray to Allah, as they learned about Islam. Two boys who refused (I assume on religious grounds, it wasn’t stated) were given detention.

Now as I have discussed previously there is nothing wrong with learning about religion, but making children pray goes too far. It doesn’t fall under the definition of religious education. Having said that, the requirement for a daily act of collective worship (which parents can opt their offspring out of) is also wrong, the difference being that no parent had the chance to find out about the islamic prayer and opt out.

Can you imagine the outcry if it emerged that Muslim pupils had been given detention for refusing to get involved in a Christian prayer act in RE?



  1. Yeah that is taking open minded liberal education too far when you are forcing a faith on a child. Although I do believe that is what is done in a lot of religion based schools. The child goes in not knowing what they believe but by the time they graduate, by God (forgive the pun) they know what they “believe”

  2. I’ve been popping in a couple of times and just wanted to say-interesting reading. I looked at a couple of government sites and this school seems to have violated some rules. I hope you’ll be able to offer any heads ups re: outcome. I also have to say I can’t imagine the reverse would have been accepted by Muslim parents or the political correct crowd.

  3. Thanks treadmarkz and Alfie. There is no doubt this isn’t centrally allowed, but the culture exists in schools and other public services, which individuals pick up on, of political correctness.

    No doubt in this teachers head Christian children refusing to pray to Allah are insensitive and not ‘celebrating diversity’. Muslim children being forced to pray to God or Jesus would be victims of ‘cultural imperialism’ or similar.

    Some people don’t see the contradictions!

    While these and things like the ‘spicy food’ story are minor one off incidents they do reflect the way some individuals take the underlying culture. Parents need to be given more power in schools, they have the common sense politicians often lack.

  4. I am glad I visited your site. I am now thoroughly convinced that Islam is the only religion for me. Today I will do what I should have done a long time ago – declare my faith in the One God, His last prophet Mohammed, his last book the Koran and further confirm my belief in all previous prophets and all of God’s angels.

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