Posted by: secretperson | June 29, 2008

Socialist Sweden Gone Mad

Sweden is often chosen as an example of a socialist paradise by the Polly Toynbees of this world, and there is no denying it has a high standard of living despite (or because of?) its high tax rates. But the socialist mind set leads to idiotics things like this, where an eight year old boy who chose not to invite two of his class mates to his birthday party had the invitations taken off him. The school has appealed to the parliament about the boy violating the other children’s rights! Apparently they must ensure there is no ‘discrimination’.

Sorry, but I must have missed the part of the UN Declaration of Human Rights in which the right to be invited to parties was mentioned. And while discrimination literally means differentiating between two different things, it is normally used in this sense (the sense of left wing outrage) to mean unfairly discriminating against someone on a basis, such as their sex or race, that isn’t relevent to the question at hand, such as their ability to do a job. I think discriminating against someone on the grounds of not liking them when choosing party guests is perfectly reasonable!

This sort of interfering nanny state rubbish must be avoided at all costs. The government already thinks of us as children, who need telling what to eat and drink and financial incentives or regulation to make the right choices. I hope they don’t follow this lead and start treating us like children who can’t be trusted to choose the right friends.



  1. I have to confess SP… when I got married… I…I… discriminated against ugly women… sob… blub… oh the shame of it.

  2. Well let us only hope I discriminate in the same way when I come to marry. If Labour haven’t decreed the right to decide my bride in the name of equality of oppurtunity.

    Although I am not sure marrying me is such a desirable oppurtunity

  3. Hate to break the news to you, but Sweden has a capitalist class, a market economy, a conservative government in office… Surely this is Cameron’s utopia? On second thoughts, Toynbee was in the SDP…

  4. I am aware of this Charlie, I was taking ‘Sweden as socialist paradise’ straight from the Toynbee handbook, socialist is perhaps the wrong word.

    And Cameron has come out in favour of the Swedish school model (a view I have some sympathy with).

    Nanny state certainly fits though.

  5. as a swede I’d just like to clarify, this issue is about handing out the invitations during school in the classroom, nothing else. If not everyone’s invited then it’s not a class activity, according to school policy.

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