Posted by: secretperson | June 26, 2008

Euro Myths? Small Kiwis

Is this story to be consigned to the set of essentialy true stories, with one minor detail wrong, that EU fanatics love to dismiss as crazy Euro Myths they can dispell? How they laugh at us EUsceptics believing in straight banana rules, when in fact it was the equally ridiculous straight cucumbers.

Now we have small kiwis. A grocer is being forced to throw away a consignment of kiwi fruit as they are too small. This isn’t consumer protection, consumers can see how small they are, or weigh them (in kilograms of course), they will not lose out. Most ridiculous of all, he would face a fine even if he gave them away to a hospital or old people’s home!

Why? Why? Why? What is the point in such a stupid regulation? Brussels or Whitehall, the idea that fruit is too small to give away is laughable. These are the dangers of rule by bureaucracy.



  1. You might like to know that the regulations that cover this are based on UN standards, to ensure that world trade functions. At EU level we agree that there are some regulations whose time is over and so we are proposing getting rid of marketing standards in a number of areas such as cucumbers and simplifying them (so this sort of thing can’t happen) in those where there is most cross-border trade, like strawberries and kiwis.

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