Posted by: secretperson | June 25, 2008

Nazi Paedophile (and the BBC)

Martyn Gilleard sounds like a complete nutter, both a Nazi and a paedophile! Child porn investigations led to his flat, where homemade nail bombs were discovered. I suppose it is lucky he was found through the downloaded pictures before he could set off any of the bombs. Safe to say he sounds like a dangerous man, and should be locked away for a very long time.

But I had to pick up on a few things from the BBC report above. Now nobody like paedophiles, though the PC crowd, of which the Beeb is a prime example, often dismiss it as Daily Mail scare mongering. And if there is one thing they hate it is a Nazi, so I was surprised that their liberal defence of criminals popped up in this case. Apparently Gilleard

had a complicated upbringing. At the time of his birth his mother had two older children by her ex-husband. He became the adopted son of his mother’s new partner after she remarried

Bloody hell! If anyone who was adopted by their mother’s new partner became a Nazi paedophile we’d be over-run. Its no more complicated an upbringing than millions of others across the Western world.

More typical of the Beeb is this sentence:

At the time of his arrest he was a paid-up member of the National Front, the White Nationalist Party and the British People’s Party – all opposed to multiculturalism.

“Opposed to multiculturalism”! They are opposed to all non-white people being in the country, including jews, they don’t believe in the holocaust and want to re-criminalise homosexuality (BPP on wikipedia). These are some pretty far out people, who make the normal PC hate figure the BNP look cuddly and fluffy. And yet they can only come up with “Opposed to multiculturalism”.

This is not an attempt by the BBC to underplay the extremism of these groups, but to link all opponents of multiculturalism with crazed wannabe nail bombers. I wonder if it is such an ingrained mindset the journalist didn’t even blink while writing that sentence.

For the record I am opposed to multiculturalism. So is Tory party leader David Cameron. So is Trevor Phillips, head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. (link). That is not to be opposed to the presence of multiple cultures, but the divisive, segregationist, apartheid political system in which people are assigned a ‘culture’ or ‘race’ by tick box and treated differently as such.

This is typical of the overly PC BBC thought process that can see insane murderous neo-Nazis as the same as probably the majority of the British population.



  1. More remarkable is how this figure is not on the front pages of every newspaper. Is it cos he isn’t a Muslim?

  2. Yeah I thought there would have been more response than for a Muslim, seeing as how this is more unusual than Islamist terrorism. You’d at least have thought the Guardian would…

  3. are these just rumors or are they for real? I don’t get people these days…

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