Posted by: secretperson | June 24, 2008

Oil Price Hypocrisy

As Toque observes here, ministers ‘feeling the pain of ordinary people’ is just annoying.

After the various election losses, Labour ministers trotted out to explain how people were concerened about food and fuel prices, attempting to show they understood voters concerns (which they do to a certain extent) and trying to insinuate that they would address these concerns (which of course they will not).

On Questiontime recently, although David Davis was pulled up quite strongly on claiming 28 vs 42 days was a matter of principle, no one picked up on rising fuel prices being an international problem, out of the government’s control.

Fuel prices are of course not entirely in the governments control, but fuel duty and taxes are. The UK was recently revealed to have some of the cheapest fuel pre-tax and most expensive fuel post-tax. Next time a government minister says we understand people are concerned about rising fuel prices, simply suggest they cut fuel duty. Simple solution, eh?

Given the fuel duty escalator (the thing that keeps tax rises above inflation) is designed to constantly increase petrol costs and ‘encourage people into public transport’ and ‘save the world from global warming’ (I translate slightly!) surely rising fuel prices can be seen as a good thing. Or do they really want low enough prices people are not discouraged from driving, but high taxes to earn more money to waste on quangos and second home allowances.

Come on guys, make your mind up, are high prices good or bad? Or is it only government sanctioned high prices, with sufficient government income you really want. With wage strikes and fuel protests, this is predicted to be a ‘summer of discontent’. The Green Tories have the same dilemma. We sensible non-politicians mustn’t let them get away with such obvious hypocrisy, we can rip them to shreds over this.


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