Posted by: secretperson | June 23, 2008

PC Gone Mad – Father’s Day Banned in Schools

Some schools are no longer sending Father’s Day cards in an attempt not to offend people living with single mothers or lesbian couples. It seems Mother’s Day cards are still allowed. What about those living with single fathers or gay couples? Or those living with single mothers who still see their father, and whose father would probably appreciate the gesture even more?

As usual the paranoid fear of ‘causing offence’ has led to a ridiculous gesture and ban. I can see why Father’s Day may seem a strange (American?) idea to some, and it was always secondary to Mother’s Day when I was young. Why not take the chance for teachers to talk to pupils in different circumstances, or to explain to the class how everyone lives differently.

At a time when a lack of father figures and male role models is being singled out as a cause of crime and anti-social behaviour in youth, it seems a strange time to be doing this. It is of course completely in keeping with a government which doesn’t believe children need a father.

I sent a Father’s Day card, because I love my Dad and I like to thank him for everything he has done for me. I am sure no-one in a non-traditional family would object to me expressing my affection and gratitude through this small token gesture. It is, as always, only the confused purveyors of PC who seek offence on other’s behalf where ever it may be found.



  1. Indeed. This is a tragic situation now that Britain is increasingly treating some of its population as second class. I cannot accept that it is OK to discriminate against men, and white men in particular, in the name of equality and political correctness.

    Like you I gave my Dad a Fathers day card and gift, and for the same reason. I care about him and am so grateful for all he has done for our family over the years. He has not been so well recently.

    … Talkjack

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