Posted by: secretperson | June 14, 2008

Ireland – No Means No

It was announced yesterday that Ireland had voted no to the Lisbon treaty. And as it needs ratification by every member state, the treaty is now dead. Unfortunately it is likely the measures in the treaty will be introduced by stealth and we will end up where the political elite like, regardless of public opinion.

David Miliband, and other EU politicians, have said their countries will go on with the ratification process, presumably in the hope of some workaround or second vote in the future. They tried a second vote over the Nice treaty in Ireland, but as plenty of opposition to Lisbon seems to have been due to the perception of disconnected politicians trying to pull the wool over voters’ eyes, I can see this being highly unpopular.

EU leaders meet in the next few days, and I think one thing will be dominating the agenda. How to get around this result. EU leaders have no respect for public votes, they will explain that the voters didn’t really mean it, as they did with French and Dutch nos for the original constitution. They will push through policiy anyway. Politicians in general are out of touch, but in Europe it is worse. What they need to realise is that if their dreamed of EU superstate is ever to come about it will be with the consent of the people.

The voters need to be won over, there needs to be mutual trust built over time, and this is not achieved by moving too fast. More moves in the name of ‘the man in Brussels knows best’ will long term set back the European project.

They must respect this vote and realise that No Means No.



  1. in my opinion, fascism is going to rule europe. first, they are going to establish this huge beraucratic monster. than your are not alloweed to have any influence on what your children are thought in school. so, the elite can racially select germans from non germans. and later, you end up with a lousy job and you are even too stupid to realize why:)
    freedom is not free, the prize for it is too high!

  2. ohh, sorry if i rethink my comment, i would say that we are not falling back to fascism, where we run towards the russians with a rifle in the hand, but and that for sure we are falling back to monarchy! and that is for sure will happen quiet and slow.
    if the elite gives themselves names like count, earl, or emperor wilhelm, than for sure we were sleeping. but when this happens, you won´t be able to tell if it is what it is, because you have never been to a school and literacy is an unfamiliar word!

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