Posted by: secretperson | June 11, 2008

BBC UK Nations Coverage Review

There is to be a review of how the BBC news covers the various nations of the UK. It will probably concentrate on how national news ignores Scottish and Welsh issues and has, because of devolution, become in effect English news. BBC Trust chairman Sir Michael Lyons blamed politicians saying

“There is a propensity for ministers, and government departments, to talk as if devolution hasn’t taken place, and to act as if they are now speaking for the whole United Kingdom on issues of health and education when in fact those decisions are taken elsewhere.”

And he is spot on.

This hurts both the nations with devolved government who are ignored, and the English, who are mislead about how decisions are taken. But the BBC which has BBC Scotland, BBC Wales and BBC NI but no BBC England is equally guilty of not picking politicians up on this. Next time someone is up talking about new nuclear power or eco-towns, or about health or education, I hope the BBC will point out the policies are only for England.

Maybe then we’d get a bit more public uproar about the unjust devolution settlement.



  1. I shouldn’t think they will. Let’s remember that BBC editing is infested with Islington lefties – they have been responsible for the wholesale misinformation that has so blighted BBC news reporting for the past 11 years.

    I have lost count of the number of times I have complained to the BBC about the reporting of so called ‘experts in their field’ journalists who so get it wrong. Mark Easton, their ‘Home’ expert is a prime culprit – but to be honest they are all at it. We have to decide whether these supposed highly intelligent Oxbridge graduates are that stupidly ignorant – or are they mendaciously trying to keep the 50 million in ignorant oblivion….

    Hmmm, let me think……

    BAD NEWS (like 3 million homes, nuclear power stations, nuclear dumps, unavailability of life saving drugs) is routinely branded as UK news – good news tends not to make the news…

    I live for the day when the BBC is broken up. It is a flawed, politicised soviet state mouthpiece for nu Labour – the sooner it is gone, the better. Good riddance to corrupt rubbish.

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