Posted by: secretperson | June 10, 2008

Tory MEP Corruption – I Predict Worse to Come

Following many revelations about MEP corruption, such as from Tpry MEP Giles Chichester it hasn’t looked brilliant for the Conservatives, though they are still riding high in the polls. Labour and the Lib Dems have been fairly quiet over this.

Much has come out because David Cameron has insisted on openness from his MEPs, whereas Labour insist that all their MEPs are audited nothing has been made public. Could they be quiet because they have more to hide than the Tories? It is noticeable that many EUsceptics, through Open Europe have chosen to publish their expenses. Not a great response from any party (except the Greens!) but it is those more anti-EU who tend to be against the corrupt system.

And don’t forget it is the system that allows such things that is a bent and corrupting influence. Those pro-EU, so convinced of the rightness of the project that one MEP stated they shouldn’t release details of corrupt practices so as not to damage confidence in the EU, are more likely to be sucked into the culture of extravagant expenses. For example MEPs are re-imbursed, whereever they travel, at the cost of a first class flight, plus 20%.

I suspect that if you were to compare those who keep their accounts secret, and those who don’t, the EUsceptics would come off better. The Tories who have been open include people like Roger Helmer and Dan Hannan, both famously anti-EU. Which by extension would imply that Lib Dem and Labour MEPs may come off worse than the Tories if all expenses were revealed.

No wonder they are keeping quiet.


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