Posted by: secretperson | May 27, 2008

Britannia Still Rules the Waves

Our Navy may not rule the waves as once they did, but British sailors still have it in them to beat the French. A blockade of Cherbourg by French fishermen has been beaten by British yachtsmen and women. Despite underwater cables, flares and the threat of being rammed dozens of British boats beat the illegal blockade, part of a protest at fuel prices.

One man decribed it as “what you might call our Trafalgar moment”. But maybe with an escape from France a comparison to the Little Ships of Dunkirk might be appropriate too.

Anyway, it is always nice to see selfish protestors overcome, especially when the people they are targetting, English tourists, have nothing to do with any of the problems they are complaining about. Let us hope our own lorry drivers are more understanding of innocent bystanders in their forthcoming fuel protests.


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