Posted by: secretperson | May 26, 2008

Sex Change for 12 Year Old is Wrong

A 12 year old girl in Australia is to start the sex change process following a ruling from an Australian judge. Hormone treatment will be given to avoid the onset of puberty.

Apparently psychiatrists have supported this, as does the girl’s mother, though the father objects. But I don’t know how any child of twelve can possibly know they want a sex change. The treatment is to prevent puberty, but surely puberty is the age when gender identity becomes really important, I refuse to believe a pre-pubescent can make a judgement about this.

When I was 10 I probably thought girls were a bit wierd, but I am glad I didn’t make a decision then to become celibate. This girl may have gone through puberty normally, looked back at 18 or whenever and laughed about how she was such a tomboy. She may have decided that she still wanted the sex change. But with this drug treatment she will never find out how puberty affected her.

I am obviously contradicting the medical experts, but to me this decision just seems wrong.



  1. I agree. Even if the girl stays a tom boy as she ages, she could very well regret a decsion she made too young. When I was 12, I would have gladly deflected to the other team to diassociate myself from giggly, silly girls. At 14, I envied boys for not having to shave their legs, wear a bra, or well a skirt to church in the middle of the winter. At 17, I wished I could devlop muscles like a man and be given the respect for the muscles I did have. At 21, I’m glad to be a woman. Yes, I love running and would rather watch Indinanna Jones then Sex and the City, but I feel comfortable in my body, like the way I look in femine clothes and love my bf. Maybe this girl will still wish to be a man when she’s my age, but maybe not and it’s not like it would be too late.

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