Posted by: secretperson | May 23, 2008

Toff Luck for Labour

A Tory win looked sure in Crewe and/or Nantwich but a 17.6% swing and a majority of 7860 over Labour’s candidate was surely more than Edward Timpson, and his party, could have hoped for.

Will this spell the end for sly digs at people’s class? Unless they come up with some actual policy arguments it probably won’t. But if Labour, at their most unpopular in many a year, think they can win an election on harking back to Thatcher scare-mongering and digs at Eton and the Bullingdon club, this surely proves it won’t work.

Just hope it gives Cameron the guts to be more bold. People are swinging to the Tory point of view, be more Conservative. We want more tax cuts, a much smaller state. Not weaker, just more concentrated where it is needed and relevent. I understand the danger of Gordon Brown stealing policies, but lets see a few definite policies to meet the rhetoric.

While I don’t expect anything I’d like to see from the Tories on the EU (better off out) or the UK (also better off out, but see cep for starters), there is a hint at reforming the Barnett formula (here) and some kind of English votes on English Laws, which is atleast a step in the right direction.

Oh yeah, and anything is better than Brown.


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