Posted by: secretperson | May 22, 2008

PC Gone Mad – Gay Bar OK, Straight Bar Offensive

A former gay bar in Sunderland which decided to become a, umm, ‘normal’ bar is in trouble over a sign it posted. The sign read “Retox under new management! Now Straight! Top totty dancers on match days!”

I assume the complaint was about the description as a straight bar, which is obviously discriminatory, as oppossed to the nice inclusive gay bar. Or maybe it was a feminist complaining about top totty. Or a non-sporting pervert who wants his top totty dancers without football fans.

What a ridiculous culture we live in where people not only take offence at the slightest thing on a sign but can take it to someone in authority and expect something to be done. There is nothing illegal here apart from the ill defined thought crime of ‘causing offence’. This just leads to more interfering jobsworths, busybodies and quangos. What ever happened to mustn’t grumble.


  1. I have been browsing around your blog today, and am impressed. Maybe there is some lazy thinking on my part, because I find I agree with much you have to say. This particular item should be funny, as it has all the makings of a joke Instead the objectors to this silly, harmless, temporary advert for a bar are deadly serious and have invoked the authorities.

    It is tragic how over-compensation in the name of equality, and how excessive political correctness are turning 21st century Britain into an extreme Nanny State. A frind of mine told me that he is finding official discrimination against people like him (a straight white guy who works, likes sport, and the occasional drink or smoke) to be a form of bullying. He coined the phrase ‘Bully Britain’ to describe how it feels to be intimidated against speaking, smoking or drinking in case of accidentally giving unintended offence to the PC brigade and the authorities.

    … Talkjack

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