Posted by: secretperson | May 21, 2008

Cameron Let’s Slip His Englishness

I think he has said he would support England at football before, but David Cameron has made a point of describing his identity as British. He once claimed to have Scottish blood flowing through his veins and is a stout unionist worried about ‘sour little Englanders’.

But in an interview about tonights’ all English champion’s league final Cameron said:

I don’t really mind who wins the Champions League although it would be nice if an Englishman could contribute so let’s go for a Frank Lampard hat-trick.

Maybe he means it is nice for English clubs to have English players (sounds like a Brown turn of phrase), but I suspect he chose English not British because he is English. He could have said British, he could have hoped for the Welshman Giggs to score that hat-trick.

Let us hope that this hidden Englishness translates into some policies to benefit England, though I don’t hold out much hope.



  1. I believe the by-election tomorrow in England will have crossed his mind,cynic that i am

  2. Mr Cameron often claims he is “English” – and to the extent he was born here he is. But nationality is a state of mind when it comes to loyalties and Mr Cameron’s wilful slating of the English whilst in Scotland, the fact that he has stated that the “Union” comes before sorting out devolution inequalities in England (anyone for health apartheid?) and that he has bragged of ancestors who were members of the “Scottish Empire” and “Scottish blood” in his veins (whatever that is?!) indicates something quite different.

    Mr C. is a Politician. Throwing the odd bone to the English is a typical ploy of the modern day UK politician – muddy the waters, confuse, then abuse.

    In my opinion, his “sour little Englanders” comment – directed at those calling for equality for England in the devolution stakes – reveals the true attitude of this gentleman.

  3. The man is not a total opportunist – the cause of England is not one he will appropriate because it touches a nerve with the powers that be – an English parliament would be the death of the centralised British state.

  4. Cameron may be good for England indirectly, boosting the SNP’s independence bid simply by being a Tory when he wins in 2010.

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