Posted by: secretperson | May 20, 2008

More Government Intrusion

Despite the seeming unpopularity of ID cards and 42 days detention without trial, the government has yet more plans to introduce state intrusion. They want a database of every phone call and email made in the uk. And as we all know, government databases have a habit of being copied onto CD and misplaced.

I have no problem with someone under investigation having their phone tapped, with proper scrutiny, but phone tap evidence is currently inadmissable in court, though this is under review. I don’t understand why the government needs to know every email and phone call I make, when the police cannot even take into court a recording of a phone call made by terrorists.

On the bright side half the emails I recieve are spam. Imagine an oppressive regime (for the danger in these powers is as much how they could be used in the future as how they are used now) trying to find anything subversive in my emails having to check through the realms of emails on penis enlargement, cheap viagra and ‘Congratulations You’ve Won’ for lotteries I’ve never entered. At least I wouldn’t be the only one annoyed.


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