Posted by: secretperson | May 19, 2008

Quangos Cost £100 Billion

according to the Taxpayer’s Alliance. The government claim £32bn, but either figure is huge. Not exactly surprising, we all know that unelected and largely unaccountable officials are intefering more and more in our lives. The Taxpayer’s Alliance also uncovered duplication of roles, unavoidable in such an unwieldy system. There has been a doubling of quango spending under New Labour.

David Cameron, who is to detail his plans to reduce the tax burden would do well to find any savings he needs in the quangocracy sector. It would fit with his talk of a smaller state, and savings here would be more popular than in schools, the NHS or the police.

It is not only in Brussels you find the unelected bureaucrat!



  1. […] cuts, but they could be much more dramatic if they would cut spending and improve efficiency. And Quangos, the EU and the huge number of middle managers in the public sector should be the first places to […]

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