Posted by: secretperson | May 19, 2008

Cornish Language Boosted

The Cornish language has agreed a standardised writing system. This should be a big boost to push on to teaching it in Cornish schools, like they do with Welsh. It is protected as a national minority language by the EU.

The question is, what affect would this have on Cornish identity? I suspect that a separate language is a serious marker of identity, I know I feel I can relate more to someone the better they speak English simply as it is easier to communicate. If they go down the Welsh route, then 20 years or so down the line Cornwall may feel it is a separate nation to England, in a way it doesn’t so much now. On the other hand, with greater movement, many in Cornwall were born in England so maybe the question will remain open.

As always, we can apply the principle of self-determination. The Cornish question is for the Cornish people to decide.


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