Posted by: secretperson | May 18, 2008

Harriet Harman Struggles to Defend Toff Campaign

Harriet Harman appeared on the politics show today and struggled to defend the ‘Anti-Toff Campaign’ being run in Crewe and Nantwich in the run up to Thursdays by-election. Tory candidate Edward Timpson is being attacked on his background as the son of millionaire shoe repairers. But it seems to be backfiring, with many people attacking this class warfare. Particularly after Tamsin Dunwoody, the daughter of late former MP Gwyneth was parachuted in to the constituency, and this from the party that wanted to remove hereditary peers.

Harman clearly didn’t feel comfortable with the campaign and simply answered criticism by claiming this wasn’t the main thrust of Labour’s campaign. John Sopel pointed to the front page of the local party website (here)which calls Timpson a Tory Con Man. She struggled to defend this negative campaigning too. Perhaps the best point was when Sopel, quoting a phrase from an election leaflet, asked her to define “excessively priveleged” and then confronted her with her own priveledged background.

Always funny to see Labour ministers, some of whom believe joining the workers party makes them working class, confronted with their hypocrisy. Harman may not be one of these, but any attack on ‘Tory Toffs’ will always fall down because many Labour politicians are equally toffee nosed.

The majority of people in this country are not university educated and even fewer went to public schools. So when they see one public school (not Eton) boy attack another public school boy as a toff for going to Eton, they are not impressed. When someone who did PPE at Oxford attacks someone else who did PPE at Oxford for being in the Bullingdon drinking club, it makes very little difference to me. While class still exists, the days of class warfare should be long gone. The last generation of Tory leaders were Grammar School educated (Thatcher, Major etc). If the latest generation are private schooled Labour have only themselves to blame for removing the grammars.

It is also the recieved wisdom amongst critics of Gordon Brown, such as myself, that he and his supporters claimed for him the credit for a good economy under good worldwide economic conditions, while not accepting any blame for bad changes, instead blaming the world economy. I didn’t expect them to go further and claim Gordon’s run as chancellor was under difficult condiditions, but Harman did!

Made me laugh out loud!



  1. Aren’t they guilty of Hate Crime?

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