Posted by: secretperson | May 2, 2008

English Democrats Beat Matt O’Connor

Seemingly bitter Matt O’Connor, has accused his former party of racism. After originally claiming the English Democrats had failed to get him ebough publicity, the former London Mayoral Candidate claimed the ED were closet racists with links to the BNP. I don’t know the details, but have not come accross this as a problem (and there are some) with the ED in my experience.

Anyway, despite retiring from the race, O’Connor was already registered and so went on the ballot paper. He recieved 0.44% of the vote. The various ED candidates for the GLA in the boroughs recieved 1.23, 1.45, 1.39, 1.12, 2.41, 1.07, 1.44, 1.17, 3.94, 1.14, 1.29, 1.88, 0.99 (Free England’s Andrew Constantine got 1.54% in the same borough) and 1.15%. Not great scores, and no doubt him dropping out dropped Matt’s total but he has still been out done.

Not enough overall for a GLA seat, but a promising start for a fairly new and unknown party. Not far behing UKIP, who probably got 1.5-2 times the vote in each borough. And UKIP are far more established and well known. If only they would offer an English Parliament, a lot of EDs would unite behind them I think, instead of splitting the patriotic vote. Might also take away from the popular BNP the “don’t like them but no-one else listens” brigade, and just leave the racists. I am more in tune with Free England’s independence demand, but let’s face it a pro-England party won’t win yet, but a united group with a strong showing could force the politicians to listen to our grievances.

The Tories offer a broad church, from Dan Hannan to Ken Clarke, why are the more fringe parties, including the pro-England or pro-Britain ones so split?


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