Posted by: secretperson | April 29, 2008

Gender Bias in Monarchial Succession

I was, despite my traditional leanings, quite happy for the laws of succession to be changed allowing an eldest daughter to succeed to the throne ahead of a younger son. But Andrew Roberts has changed my mind.

He takes the view that the anachronistic nature of the Royal institution is what makes it special, and elevates it above the normal political standards of the day. If you follow the logic of applying equality legislation to the Royal Succession, you will end up abandoning royalty all together. It is not logical, politically correct or fair, but it mights still be the best way to run our country.

He also points out the Vera Baird QC (yes that’s Queen’s Council!), who called for this measure and has also called for the Royal family to integrate in to the human race, is probably far more out of touch as a lawyer and Labour politician, than the hard working members of the Royal family.

The Monarchy is a historical institution, and an important tie to our past. It is clearly not a system that would or could be invented today, but it is a system that works. It works because it has adapted, so obviously the system cannot be frozen at any one point in time. But that doesn’t mean it has to bend to every modern trend. The existence of a head of state outside the political system, a fickle, fast changing and cynical political system, acts a check and balance. Rather like a constitution, the constitutional monarchy should be hard to change on political whims.

Though, having said that, some of our greatest rulers have been Queens. And I include the present Queen very much in the category of a great Monarch.



  1. […] seriously, if you are going to be modern and fair about it you would get rid of the monarchy all together. While the monarchy exists, and is hereditary, why not keep the other anachronisms of the position, […]

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