Posted by: secretperson | April 25, 2008

Cosy Prisons

Apparently prison is so nice people don’t want to escape. Take away the TVs, games consoles etc. Actually have some security to keep drugs out, surely this stuff is elementary.

Still I don’t think I am going to go out and commit crime. You still hear all that stuff about soap in the showers, and it just can’t be worth the risk.



  1. It’s a wonder there are so many incidences of self-harm… Evidently those who are content with being deprived of their freedom mustn’t have much of a life on the outside! I think it odd that being given free board and lodging is thought to be a “tough” option for offenders – if what the POA are saying is true, it would appear to be something of a soft option!

  2. Well Charlie, I think there are a lot of people in with mental health and drug problems. I don’t know how the self harm and stuff breaks down, but this non-escape stuff is from the low security prisons, where low sentences may mean it is more trouble than it’s worth.

    The main worry is, in future, that with a lack of prison places some genuinely dangerous people will be in these prisons with the chance to escape.

    And for human rights reasons we can’t exactly deprive them of board and lodging (not that I think that is what you are suggesting) but we should deprive them of luxuries like playstations and drugs.

  3. I think there have already been cases of people escaping from open prisons and committing serious violent crimes – though in the case I’m thinking of, I can’t recall if the perpetrator had prior offenses of this nature.

    The point the POA would probably like to get across is that while prison population has grown, the number of prison officers has not increased – meaning that the dangers to prison officers (and other prisoners) are much increased. The situation is particularly bad in privately-run prisons – perhaps vindicating my belief that no-one should profit from prison, private companies nor prisoners. The response of the government to the POA’s complaints was initially ignorance, but since their sudden national strike, they’ve taken notice. Alas, only to ban them from striking…

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