Posted by: secretperson | April 25, 2008

Audlem, the New Berwick

A Cheshire town has voted to become Welsh following on from the whole Berwick saga. Again it is clearly a protest vote about the better conditions in Wales due to the unfair situation in the “United” Kingdom.

One Welsh born resident even commented:

Keith West, 70, originally from Neath, said: “It’s an anomaly that needs resolving – devolution has got the UK into a mess.

“We’re worse off in England than you are in Wales or they are in Scotland. It seems logical that there should be an English parliament.”

Spot on.



  1. Hmm that’s an interesting one.

    I was thinking about organising one for my town but then thought better of it. After all we’ve not been given a vote on the EU consti-treaty. We were not given a vote on Scotland and Wales getting assemblies. We were not given a vote on our current PM.

    And I’m not sure I’d want to be Welsh or Scottish or that they’d want me

  2. Well it’s not really about being Scottish or Welsh, both these votes are clearly just a protest.

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