Posted by: secretperson | April 23, 2008

England, Arise!

is the cry of Simon Heffer calling for an English parliament, made of existing English MPs to save expenses, and still within the Union. It’s as good an idea as any.

He links me to the English Claim of Right, modelled on the Scottish equivalent. This appears to have been launched today, and has two signatories so far: Free England Party‘s Andrew Constantine and Marcus Stafford of the England Society. Go and add your name!



  1. Have a great day SP – keep up the good work.

    The times. They really are a changing 🙂

  2. Have you seen what Ken Clarke’s committee has apparently came up with, it’s terrible, the worst resolution to issue he could have came up with! Gets rid of Thatcher, and now he’s screwing us all over again.

    (If you haven’t seen it then it is on conservative home!)

  3. I have seen it, but thanks anyway Joseph (Brief comment here). It’s worse than the Rifkind proposal.

    Within the Union, all I ask for is equal treatment. So either one UK parliament, and no Scottish or Welsh bodies or English, Scottish and Welsh bodies with equal powers. (NI is a more complicated issue).

    Or if that means the UK breaking up, so be it. As Alex Salmond says, we may lose a surly lodger and gain a good neighbour, in which case we’d all be better off.

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