Posted by: secretperson | April 21, 2008

What We’ve Been Saying All Along

“less government intervention and lower taxation” is needed according to a new report. It calls a Britain of high benefits, high tax and poor education a “why bother?” economy.

I don’t think anyone really needed a report to tell them this. Socialists seem to think you need to tax people’s money only to give it back to them if you think they deserve it, or to spend it on their behalf because they can’t be trusted and the man in Whitehall knows best. They have created a generation of ‘spoilt adults’ by treating them like children, and now look to replace them with hard working immigrants, who in turn they will no doubt spoil.

The answer is easy, cut tax, cut spending, cut benefits, raise minimum wage, cut legislation and targets, cut immigration. Government needs a change in attitude, where it sees itself as a servant of the people, to help them club together for police, health and education where wanted. Not, as currently, to see the people as servants of the government to help them meet targets.


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