Posted by: secretperson | April 21, 2008

English Question Answered? No

Philip Johnston in the Telegraph sets out the West Lothian question well but doesn’t provide an answer. It seems Ken Clarke’s Democracy taskforce is to report at last, and propose some kind of fudge. Sort of Everyone Votes on English Laws, but only English MPs can make amendments at committee stage. Sounds a bit like Malcolm Rifkind’s Grand Committee but with more non-English MPs still having a say.

Hardly a catchy rallying call to the disaffected English. Hopefully it will be accompanied by a reform of the Barnett formula as well, then at least it would be progress, but why cannot politicians see the obvious answer. An English parliament. So the UK might break up? As Ed Balls would say “so what?”.

I am an Englishman, England is a proud, historic nation and I demand an English parliament.


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