Posted by: secretperson | April 17, 2008

JOCKS! Now I have your attention, read this…

Matt O’Connor’s “Jock” posters may have been unsubtle, but if they get people thinking about the questions affecting England they are a good thing. Then when we have their attention, we can direct them to this excellent article by Paul Kingsnorth. It discusses, from a left wing perspective

So, is it all right to be an English nationalist?

Now I am not left wing, but I found the case made compulsive, and I look forward to reading his new book, Real England as soon as I get the chance.



  1. In the seventies the civil service claimed Scotland could not subsidise itself. A recent freedom of information paper shows this to be lies. Why would it not be case that the civil service is lying again. .

  2. I take it you are referring to the McCrone report?

    But I don’t see what this has to do with my post, I have not mentioned the civil service, or Scotland’s economic viability as an independent country. I am a supporter of Scottish independence.

    Please keep your posts relevent.

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