Posted by: secretperson | April 16, 2008

Livingstone Insults Belgians

Apparently Belgian tourists don’t spend enough money and Ken says

“We could do with less Belgian tourists and more Chinese”

A terrible gaffe, he obviously should have said “fewer Belgian tourists”.

But then this makes sense for Ken, obviously Belgians are hideously white, whereas Chinese people are vibrant and enriching. Not to mention communists, which Ken will love. What a pity they couldn’t be islamic as well.

Boris showed his joking side, referring to how he once had to go to Liverpool and apologise for a gaffe, something often remarked upon my Livingstone supporters:

“Send him to Belgium to apologise”



  1. A white working class London bred mayor. No wonder the BNP and the tories hate him LOL.

  2. BNP hate the white working class? Where do you think the votes come from for “the Labour party your grandfather voted for”?

    And I think its more his socialism the Tories hate than his origin.

  3. The BNP leader supported the holocaust. A BNP leader denied the holocaust.
    The BNP have spoken of strralising working class people.

  4. I don’t need an apologise from a man I don’t know.
    Wath I know for sure, is that whenever I visit London as a tourist, I’am always welcome, no matter what the amount I will spend.
    For me London is the most beautifull city in the world, and I’am glad I can visit her, whenever I feel doing it.
    And no mayer will stand in between London and I.

  5. Well said Luke, don’t listen to Livingstone, you are always welcome to visit England.

  6. I love London,
    I love Red Ken, and
    I am a Belgian

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