Posted by: secretperson | April 13, 2008

Matt O’Connor – London Mayoral Campaign

The English Democrats London Mayoral candidate Matt O’Connor has launched an election video, following on from some controversial posters with headlines like “keep Jock Strapped”.

I don’t know if he’ll be taken seriously with stunts like launching his London campaign in Edinburgh and attempting to repatriate Gordon Brown. But as founder of Fathers for Justice he certainly knows how to get attention, and anything that gets media attention on the very real issues of the Barnett formula and West Lothian question.

There is a Times article here.

I prefer the full independence option, but a large vote for ED at the elections, (they won’t win) will at least send a message to the politicians that the English are concerned at these things, not just to be dismissed as a “niggle” Ken Clarke style.



  1. You have some cheek complaining the residents of London subsidising Scottish people. If the island of Islay declared UDI and kept the duty on the alcohol produced from the 7 working distilleries. then Islay would be one of the wealthiest islands in the world. Unfortunately, at present this money goes south to subsidise people like yourself, but when Scotland is an independent country we will be able to keep the revenue from all the distilleries in Scotland for ourselves

  2. Please update the clock on your computer as it is still at GMT. My comment was sent at 7.47pm BST not 6.47pm as shown

  3. Douglas, I do not complain about London subsidising people, although Matt O’Connor does. I complain about the distribution of funds in a “United” Kingdom not by who earned them, or by need, but by nationality.

    I am well aware that whisky and oil would earn Scotland some money, and would be more than happy to have a wealthy neighbour when you achieve independence. Although I don’t really understand the duty argument. Does my VAT on a Mercedes benefit Germany or the UK government?

    I don’t know how to change the clock that is something to do with WordPress. Disclaimer, all times on this blog are given in GMT.

    I believe independence would help both Scotland and England.

  4. While taking my son for his hospital check up today on the 159 bus, I was appalled to see the poster entitled ‘Keep Jock Strapped’. The poster portrays a scotsman as an obscene comic character in a national parody which is totally unacceptable. You would be prosecuted under the race relations act if you did the same to certain other nationalities who have come to live in London en masse. Stirring up hatred in order to gain attention and votes is a very old trick, and you are wrong to think that Londoners are naive enough to fall for it. Opportunities for career and business development, and the consequent chances to make money, are outstanding in London, and those of us who live in London but also have an educated overview of the rest of the UK, can appreciate what London has given to us without wishing to denegrate the rest of the country. I would only consider casting my vote for a candidate who can demonstrate an ability to think, and sadly you have not done this. Try to grow up!

  5. Well Valerie I can see why the posters might seem offensive, but it seems to me the caricatures are in the tradition of friendly banter between the Scots and English. But then I am not easily offended. National stereotypes are not the same as racial stereotypes due to different histories. You could easily get away with a French onion seller character or an English toff in a bowler hat. I think the Scottish case falls more in that category than a gollywog or something.

    But I agree it is a bit of a silly stunt. There are much better arguments for the English nationalist case. I made the point here.

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