Posted by: secretperson | April 10, 2008

Church of England – Jerusalem is too Nationalistic

Popular hymn Jerusalem has been banned by the Dean of Southwark cathedral. Apparently the song does not glory God enough and is too nationalistic. Maybe the Church of England should reconsider its name, if a song mentioning England is considered too nationalistic.

The lyrics refer to a popular myth that Jesus visited England, and end with an appeal to fight to build a new Jerusalem in England. It is a metaphor for building a new “heaven” in our land, and while that might not directly praise God, it is surely a worthy aim, inspired by christianity.

This follows an even more idiotic attempt to ban ‘I vow to thee my country’ because of some crap about Nazis, the last resort of the person without an argument.

I love the song Jerusalem, which can be heard here. The lyrics are below in original form by William Blake, Hubert Parry later set this poem to music:

The Telegraph story claims “the hymn was made the official anthem of the England football team in the Euro 2000 tournament” which is of course a lie. The official song, was a Fat Les version of Jerusalem, but the anthem remained the British anthem God Save the Queen.



  1. What do people expect with that welsh druid twat at the helm? If he is a christian then i’m a monkey’s uncle.

  2. Isn’t it also the anthem of the Church of Scotland? England is sung as Albion, though.

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