Posted by: secretperson | April 9, 2008

Spoilt Children

No, not our MPs but how they’d like us all to be. A family cannot foster because they smack their own daughter once or twice a year. Not the foster children, their own daughter. Let us not forget that smacking, as long as it doesn’t leave a bruise remains legal in this country. But why should that stop those with power making decisions on their own ideas of how to bring up a child.

This is in keeping with a government and society that inteferes with every aspect of our lives, like the molly-coddled and spoilt children, never told off, but for ever nagged. A society in which we seem less free than ever to control our own lives, but ironically one in which those with no respect for the law or for others seem more free to make our lives a misery. The naughty child is not smacked, but the good siblings end up subject to the same nagging, curfews and restrictions.

Ok dodgy analogy over.


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