Posted by: secretperson | April 9, 2008

Save the Countryside for Our Children

A report for Country Life has found that one in five children has never visited the countryside. It has launched a manifesto for the countryside in 2008.

Despite the modernists and pro-immigrationists who think the countryside is just an old fashioned area that should be replaced with sprawling inner city slums, it is in fact a valuable resource. Trips to the countryside can reduce the stress of modern life, and surely ‘diverse’ environment should mean towns, cities, villages and the countryside. Britain has at its disposal a beautiful array of landscapes, from the highlands and islands of Scotland, Snowdonia and the valleys of Wales, to England’s own Lake District, Peak District, Yorkshire Dales, Norfolk Broads, Cornish coast and the rolling Cotswold hills I grew up visiting.

It is a shame that too often in the modern world, the easy lure of popping on the TV replaces a quick trip into the countryside. I myself should visit more, but children may grow up with no idea what is out there, more familar with cartoon landscapes and visions of America. I know some inner city schools are starting to offer farm visits, so children can learn where food comes from, and something about farming beyond what noise a cow makes (moo obviously).

So I support this intiative, I think the government doesn’t understand the countryside, but should do more to promote it, not to build on it if avoidable. See it as giving under-priveleged inner city children the chances middle class kids have and Labour would be all over it. Or tax it massively as it isn’t fair that middle classes should have this chance.

Either way, take your kids to the countryside.


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