Posted by: secretperson | April 7, 2008

Anti-English Attack on Horse

Let us hope English nationalism never reaches the level of attacking the Scots and Welsh, like this story from Wales, where a woman from Cardiff (but non-Welsh speaking) had her horse attacked and Welsh graffiti meaning English out, daubed on her home.

Can you imagine the outcry and coverage if just such a racist attack had been carried out by English people against an immigrant group? I think it would be a lot more. But we mustn’t let these extremists put us off supporting Plaid Cymru, after all, us nationalists are all on the same side against the Unionists. Racism is a seperate issue.



  1. ‘Cai Maes Sais’ is not an anti English slogan at all! It makes no sense in Welsh. And someone has pointed out to me that if you put ‘Get Out Englishman’ into an online translator… guess what yo get….Cai Maes Sais. Sound like a poor and ridiculous attempt at mimicking a Welsh language protester to me.

  2. There’s something very dodgy about this. What the BBC failed to tell you in that story is that the words painted on that shed do not say “English Out”. The words “Cai Maes Sais” are in fact total gibberish – it means nothing in Welsh.

    “Cai” is not eve a word
    “Maes” means field
    “Sais” means Englishman

    Whoever wrote that graffiti was most certaintly not a welsh-speaker and very unlikely a welsh nationalist (what self-respecting Welsh nash doesn’t know how to say “English Out” in Welsh!

    Interesting enough if you put “Get Out Englishman” into the notoriously awful IntraTran online translator it comes out as “Cai Maes Sais”.

    (see here:

    I have no idea why anyone would want to fake a welsh nash attack – could be the owner I guess, trying to cover up injuring her own horse.

    Whatever the true motive, it is so dissapointing that the BBC don’t realise the writing is not Welsh and just assumes the woman is right in saying it means “English Out”. If they had checked their facts a little better they would have avoided inflamaing matters and turning people against Welsh speakers and nationalists.

  3. Betsan, Griff, thanks for that input. The BBC describes it as slang Welsh, which I guess means they knew it wasn’t Welsh and couldn’t be bothered investigating.

    I don’t know if this means it was a fake or not. It was apparently a Welsh speaking area, so it seems unlikely they wouldn’t know. Incidentally, what is English out in Welsh, in case I should ever here it.

    I think this revelation is worth another post.

  4. […] Now I am not accusing anyone of foul play, but I found a couple of comments on my previous post on a supposed anti-English attack on a horse, with Welsh grafitti saying “English […]

  5. “English Out” in Welsh is “Saeson Allan”

  6. This reminds me of a TV item I saw on the telly when I was younger following an arson attack. On the wall there was a slogan saying ‘Sons of Glendower’. Gelndower is an ‘orrible Anglicised spelling of Glyndŵr and the news item was linking it to Meibion Glyndŵr firebombing campaign. Again, as Griff says, what self-resperting Welsh extremist would spell it that way!


    and make sure that you go to the Dales or the Lakes instead on your holidays (and lets face it they are far more beautiful than the soggy welsh mountains full of bigoted and ignorant welsh bastards).

    Lets see how a few sheep farmers get on paying enough tax to support the millions of English-hating welsh chavs, who like the Scots are ready to hate us although we have done nothing (maybe our ancestors did hundreds of years ago, but then you fat burberry wearing bastards are hardly Celtic warriors either now are you?), but are always keen to grab our hard-earned cash in benefits. Nobody in england REALLY cares if we have the Scots and Welsh, and we’ll save a fortune if we let them go so bye bye, we’ll call you!! (This goes out to the 15-year old Welsh chav bitch from the village near Machynllyth who tried to deliberately give me wrong directions just for being English while pushing her bleating mutant-looking English-money-supported proto-chav in its buggy.

  8. Quite an angry response there Max, I wouldn’t let one incident put you off. As a supporter of English independence, I am also a supporter of Welsh independence.

    Without the arguments over government and subsidy I like to think we could all get along better than your comment seems to show.

  9. maxxy boy doesnt sound at all bitter does he. listen up fool (tool) welsh and scots pay taxes too. we support english benefit chavs the scots give you cheap oil the welsh supply the midlands with water. cut us adrift at your peril

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