Posted by: secretperson | April 3, 2008

It’s Political Correctness Gone Mad X – BBC Out of Touch on Churchill

Ok, quite a long list of how I found this. The Little Man in a Toque had a quote of the day from an American Spectator article attacking PC gone mad in Britain, which in turn quoted a BBC journalist on Churchill. I found more details on The Churchill Centre.

Sue Gaisford, promoting a Radio 4 show trying to claim Churchill as an EUphile said:

History may regard Winston Churchill as the architect of the disastrous Gallipoli campaign or the maker of xenophobic speeches, but tonight we consider him in philanthropic old age.

Funny, I thought history regarded Churchill, primarily, as the man who was Prime Minister of Britain during World War Two. Was she just trying to make the programme sound controversial as if it was revising history? Surely not. And xenophobic speeches? Surely Churchill’s legendary speeches that inspired the public and armed forces to stand against the Nazis cannot be dismissed as xenophobic! Is there really a group of people who think this is what Churchill is best remembered for, because I find it hard to understand.

After all, Churchill was voted Greatest Britain in the BBC’s own poll, so this is not a common opinion. Now I have come accross many lefties willing to defend Stalin or Castro, but surely their hatred of all things British and English hasn’t reached the point when they’ll start portraying Hitler as a victim of xenophobia! No, I don’t believe it will, after all Nazi is still the favoured insult of the PC crowd.


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