Posted by: secretperson | March 31, 2008

England Disappearing – Literally

NOrfolk villages could be abandoned to flooding. The Environment agency may abandon flood defences, which, if climate change predictions are to be believed, will be needed even more in the future.

Quite why the Government thinks watching parts of Norfolk disappear under water is a good thing I don’t know. The Netherlands copes perfectly well with low-lying land, and if sea levels rise massively we will need the experience in handling these scenarios. Can’t imagine this happening in an urban area, but somehow traditional villages never really ticked Labour’s boxes.

Save Norfolk Now!



  1. I spent the week-end in Norfolk, never been there before and it’s a really lovely bit of the country.

    I read the paper version of this story in the Telegraph and it went onto say that one of the only residences to have had erosion protection was owned by Hilary Benn’s old man!

    Wish I had a hard copy but it wasn’t mine.

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