Posted by: secretperson | March 29, 2008

EU and Immigration Cost Us Money

Two articles appear in the Telegraph criticising both the cost of the EU and the lack of supposed benefits of immigration. And unlike the proponents of both and their feelgood soundbites, both reports use hard economic figures.

Firstly a House of Lords committee calls into question Government claims on the economic benefits of mass migration, saying we should look at per head rather than total economic figures. This isn’t a new claim, but it is good that parliament recognises it.

Our overall conclusion is that the economic benefits of net immigration to the resident population are small and close to zero in the long run

Essentially the Government has been looking purely at the overall size of the economy, but as the population also grows with immigration, there is little improvement for individuals. Analyses have also failed to look at costs in increased public spending on education, health and dealing with crime.

Although not mentioned here I am sure if we looked where this “economic benefits of migration” had gone, we would see employers benefitting from cheap labour at the expense of British workers. Who then may end up “benefitting” from benefits, as well as a lack of incentive on the part of government and employers to train them.

Britain this year will make a net payment to the EU of £4.1bn, it is revealed in budget documents (and the other article I previously mentioned). This will grow to £6.1bn in 08/09 as a result of the rebate being reduced.

I am sure in the past Blair promised to secure reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (responsible for more than 40% of EU spending) which benefits France to a large extent. Now that Nicolas Sarkozy is so happy with the UK (probably the first president to really express gratitude for our help in WW2) maybe he could show this by reforming the outdated, protectionist CAP.

Something needs to be done in Europe, because people, already cynical about the railroading through of the Lisbon treaty, are going to start asking what exactly we recieve for these huge sums.

(Question) In the article it says “the £4.1 billion is the equivalent of £17 for every taxpayer” according to Tory calculations. According to my calculations £4.1bn/60m people is £68 per head. So per taxpayer would be much much higher. Anyone know the reason?


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