Posted by: secretperson | March 29, 2008

Brown does Scottish Dance on Stage

Gordon Brown Scottish Dance scotdance.jpeg

Gordon dancing and the real deal showing the move he is going for.

I believe this is a picture of Prime Minister Brown doing a traditional Highland Fling on stage, to prove to SNP voters how Scottish he is – could it be the Gay Gordon? And one has to ask – Gordon where’s your kilt?



  1. Can someone please tell me what scottish country dancing has to do with politics.
    And why is the Prime Minister of the UNited Kingdom attending the Scottish Labour conference so soon after he wrote an article in favour of the Union?
    I think he was garnering Scottish MP’s for Westminster.

  2. Scottish country dancing has nothing to do with politics, it just looks like he’s dancing, I think he’s really walking off stage waving.

  3. El yellow basta isnt allowed to dance! He might fall over and knock his seeing eye out. Everyone knows what a basta he is already; imagine what he would be like if he was blind.
    Who cares if the idiot was dancing it aint like we dont already know what a two faced scotch arsehole he is.
    Incidentally, the word kilt is norse, not scottish.

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