Posted by: secretperson | March 29, 2008

Brown Defends Union to Scots

Gordon Brown has been attacking the SNP. Reports in The Scotsman, The Telegraph and the BBC.

The Telegraph and Scotsman concentrate on the Union issues raised, the Beeb on things like spending on education. I have no personal interest in internal Scottish matters, so will only address the implications for the Union.

Gordon has accused the SNP of “narrow nationalism”, as oppossed to “British jobs for British Workers” I suppose which is ‘wide nationalism’? He also said

Do we move backwards to a 19th century formula about nation states with borders and with embassies and with consulates? Or do we move forward to the interdependent world of the 21st century, where people co-operate and where they work together?

Sorry, but embassies and consulates are a 19th Century idea? I can only assume Mr Brown will be closing all the UK’s embassies and consulates. And opening our borders even further. Surely it is just a lie that an independent Scotland wouldn’t mean people co-operating anymore than Britain being sovereign stops us working with others currently. Almost all Mr Brown’s arguments could be arguments for the EU.

The only thing he said that was sensible was that our international influence as independent nations would be reduced compared to that of Britain. Although this is clearly more true with respect to Scotland than the much bigger England. Internationalist Brown was arguing that Scotland should remain in the Union to influence policy on Africa and climate change.

I think we would have less influence, but I would rather have an inward looking government concerned for my interests, rather than one which tried to save the world. I am happy for collaboration with other nations, but have little desire to influence them as Brown wants to.

He also praised perfect Ten-dy OutofTen-der.

Simon Heffer disagrees and asks whether the English will be given a say on the Union.



  1. Gordon Brown the *er-hem* internationalist (apparently):
    “British jobs for British Workers”?

    How protectionist of you El yellow fool!

    Gordon Brown:
    “…the interdependent world of the 21st century, where people co-operate and work together…”

    But el Gordo, how can the so-called UK govt be waffling about british jobs for british workers one minute and spouting off about the snp’s antics the next?
    Mr Brown, you are nothing but a hypocrite.

    Gordon Brown:
    …or do we move forward to the…21st century, where people co-operate and where they work together”?

    What? People cooperate now. People work together now to. It seems to me that the majority of people want to get along with each other; it’s meddling, know-it-all, self-rightous bureaucrats that cause 99.9% of the trouble between people. You Brown are one of those idiotic bureacrats!!!
    You should keep your nose out of England’s affairs. I dare say that the majority of people in scotland would like to you go to hell to.

  2. Brown is at his weakest on this issue, not least because he’s an MP for a constituency in Scotland which is not affected by most of his domestic policies.

    His slogan “British jobs” was absurd – stolen from the fascists and not even something he could guarantee as he’s not in charge of who gets employed or where! In fact he opposes protectionist measures, and does nothing to stop the flow of manufacturing jobs overseas.

    As for his “internationalism” – sounds like he’s arguing for a world government… that’s not something people in England, Scotland or Africa would want. I imagine that Iraqis’ and Afghans would be pleased to see inward looking England and Scotland!

  3. It is a typically confused response Charlie, but then trying to attack Scottish or English nationalism while supporting British nationalism is a tricky rope to walk.

    Rather like the EU, which is more internationalist in the sense it is larger than England or the UK, but then is much more protectionist than we would be independently. To the disadvantage of African farmers to name but one.

    Ironically while Brown and co. talk of influencing other countries, it is often English nationalists and anti-EU campaigners that are accused of wanting to bring back the Empire.

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