Posted by: secretperson | March 28, 2008

Paedophiles Near Schools – No Just Lock Them Up

Following a News of the World campaign, paedophiles are no longer housed in bail hostels near schools. Common sense you might think. But apparently this has reduced the availability of hostel places and made it harder to supervise released paedophiles.

No I have heard the “push them underground” argument and it has some merit. Similar to legalising drugs to keep them out of the hands of criminals, it is pointed out that knowing where paedophiles are is useful. Laws such as “Megan’s Law” in the US allowing residents to know if a paedophile is in their area will just cause vigilante attacks and the paedophile to go underground away from law enforcement. People shouldn’t be told of dangerous paedophiles in their area, because dangerous paedophiles should not be on the loose.

The report said

We were told about specific cases where potentially dangerous offender had been released to live with inadequate supervision

Sorry but if they are potentially dangerous do we really want to release them? I am not sure paedophiles can be reformed and reasoned with like some criminals and if you are going to place them near schools your adequate supervision better be pretty damn good!



  1. This is the fundamental contradiction – if they are still dangerous, don’t let them out; if they are not dangerous, what’s the problem with them being near schools?

    As any psychologist will tell you, paedophilia is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to stop, even with years of ‘treatment’.

  2. Personally, though I am no doctor or psychiatrist, it seems that paedophilia is not a mental illness but a sexual preference. Can it be treated?

    I guess the difference is whether it is such a dangerous compulsion that it will be acted on or an urge they know is wrong and resist, like a spouse resisting adultery.

    Either way, even supervised residential care near a school cannot be productive, it may not be practical but surely you can find a way round. If they have to be moved to another part of the country so be it. These people are criminals, committing crimes against the most vulnerable people there are, a small move is a generous response!

  3. They deliberately release the beasts and place them next to primary~schools and then tell you you’re ‘not allowed’ to know their home addresses. So, that you don’t twig that they’re placed in communities to ‘reliably’ be state~groomed agents to increased the ambient~abuse in your life, especially if they can ‘traumatise’ you and especially your children, their number one target.

    They ‘know’ chemical castration can be easily reversed, physical castration is the key or ‘execution.’ However, most people don’t realise that most paedophiles are ‘female,’ a gross number of whom are being caught daily in America right now, who went through 6 years of teacher~training to get into the position to prey on kids, with their nihilistic chicken~brain.

    All paedophiles go to hell, to be ‘separated’ from God for eternity, as they ‘all’ know right from wrong and ‘choose’ to do wrong, because they are addicted to the pleasure their imbecilic brain gets from doing as much wrong {for pretend~revenge} as possible, with their tiny ‘member,’ and even tinier self~obsessed, simian chicken~brain.

    Everything you see, from Hollywood or anywhere in the media and all your ‘established’ government~run ‘agencies’ are conduits for the paedophile~ring ‘behind’ everything they’re putting on, as the ‘show’ to keep you amused and chair~bound, whilst they’re abusing children daily and starting wars needlessly.

    Most prime~ministers preside over whole cabinets of ‘black~mailed’ paedophiles, due to their ability to lie~quickly and their social connections. The black~mail serve to make the beasts compliant. Which includes the megalomaniacal~psychopath {Thatcher} whom she employed as her front, to carry~out the Zionist reptile’s genocidal~program {behind her} and so that she could get pretend~revenge against a whole country, because ‘you’ wouldn’t see her as Marilyn Monroe.

    All of those disgusting, subhuman, bullshitting sex~offenders are roasting on cooking spits in hell right now, although I’m certain Satan will stop spinning Thatcher every once in a while ‘to take notes.’

    Only Ian Paisley to join them next and he can close that berth of hell, you~know the place ‘nobodies’ want you to pretend~believe ‘isn’t’ where you’re going, for your part in a ‘morally~insane~culture’ which supports and worships paedophiles who NEED shot or at least ‘neutered,’ as they’re ‘not human’ they’re shaven Binobos.

    I follow a living Christ, who exposes the ‘rings’ of beasts who surround you and who’s wages you’re paying to abuse, rob, oppress and murder you. His name’s Erol and he’s the most courageous man alive. He’s also the most talented and I’d add gorgeous on the eye.

    If you believe yourself to be the ‘arbiter’ of Christs then don’t bother visiting his phenomenal compendium of art, music, literature and selfless ‘activism,’ which documents him successfully saving countless children’s lives and his attempts to over~come the paedophile~ring behind that genocide and ‘your’ slow~death into ‘the bargain.’


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