Posted by: secretperson | March 28, 2008

It’s Political Correctness Gone Mad IX – Irish Gay Studies

It is not quite the one-legged black lesbians beloved of non-PC comedians, but Essex University will launch a study into Irish gays living in London.

The excellent Tax Payer’s Alliance have criticised the £82,000 award. I myself am not sure exactly what this study can bring. Why Irish gays in particular? I thought the Catholic Church used to beat it out of them, maybe that’s why their all in London. The study is to be led by Professor Graham Norton.

But the best bit is this piece of socialogical jargon from lead researcher Roisin Ryan-Flood (I was joking about Norton):

“By exploring the relationship between sexuality, ethnicity, and migration, the study will uncover the ways in which contemporary sexual citizenship, migration and LGBT imaginaries of the metropolis are mutually implicated in complex ways.”

Sexual citizenship? LGBT imaginaries? Mutually implicated? What has happened to the English language? If there are any sociologists out there maybe you could translate this into plain English for me.



  1. Fuckin’ pc freak bastards. I can’t wait until Humans finally discover other inhabitable planets to live on. Either, I’ll be off or they’ll all “migrate” to sappho planet one of the two.

    I have to laugh at the stupid language these wankers use. Like you stated, what exactly is sexual citizenship? Sounds like a right load of made up toffee to me to. Oh you dont say. Maybe these freaks have too much time on their hands.
    I thought the most ridiculous line was “LGBT imaginaries of the metropolis” Dont the twats mean imaginings? I wonder what lesbian gay bi trannies do imagine when they think of the metropolis. I am assuming that they mean London. Well that’s not on. What about other metropoli? I think im gonna have to call them and explain to them that they are being somewhat metropol-ist!
    £82,000 spent on this freakshow shite is a joke. What do you expect when you have new labour scum in charge?
    I just thought doesnt mutally implicated in complex ways mean a reach around circle jerk?

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