Posted by: secretperson | March 28, 2008

Can UKIP Save Pubs?

They certainly think so and so do Landlord’s according to a poll by trade newspaper, the Morning Advertiser.

The choices in the poll were Labour, LibDem, Tory, Green and UKIP and of that bunch I think they are right. Labour have been disastrous, LibDems and Tories are unlikely to change the smoking ban or anything. Green probably think beer isn’t carbon neutral enough. UKIP on the other hand would remove the smoking ban, if pubs had filtration systems.

Now in first past the post UKIP won’t win anything, but I’d consider them for the Europeans. If only they’d come up with a decent solution to the English question. Saving pubs is important to me, let us hope someone will.



  1. I doubt the smoking ban is the most serious problem facing these pubs. Rising drinks prices and ridiculous bureaucracy are surely more important for them?

  2. No but the smoking ban doesn’t help. I couldn’t find any UKIP info on beer tax, but it seems more likely they’d be a low tax, low regulation party than Labour. But that’s not saying a lot.

  3. The majority of people like the smoking ban.

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