Posted by: secretperson | March 26, 2008

End of Barnett – or have We Heard it All Before

This just in from the BBC’s Nick Robinson.

The Scottish “Wendy Commission”, a review of powers set up by everyone but the SNP, so not discussing independence, will also discuss finance. Its been said before though, Gordon came out with talk of giving the Scottish parliament more tax powers. This idea is brought up again and again so we English think something is being done about the formula, while nothing is for fear of upsetting the Scots. The Barnett formula means that Scotland receives £1500 per person more in identifiable government spending.

Apparently a paper will be produced on how the Barnett formula works. Surely everyone knows this, despite attempts to muddy the waters by pro-unionists. Essentially, funding for the nations of the UK is determined by population, starting from a higher per head public spend in Scotland, Wales and NI compared to England. In theory the spending levels should converge (Barnett squeeze) but the lower population growth in Scotland and arbitrary decisions by government as to what is included in Barnett mean this has not happened.

The one useful thing this review could do is make a proper analysis of Scottish Oil revenue vs Barnett pay back. I have read so many unsourced claims about England subsidising Scotland and Scotland subsidising England I can’t help thinking the real truth is somewhere in between and it is probably a break even situation.

Either way it is not just about money. Scotland should not be controlled by a UK government grant it goes against the principle that those who spend money should raise it. As English spending determines Scottish spending, it is also a justification for the West Lothian Question, whereby Scottish MPs vote on English-only matters. They also matter to Scotland through Barnett consequentials. It is well known that Scottish Labour MPs are the least likely to rebel, we need this group of yes men to have to work harder to justify this unjust situation.

Either way, I predict reviews, reports, discussions and consultations. I predict regular newspaper articles like this one to make us think something is being done. I predict come next election absolutely nothing will have changed, but there maybe some manifesto ‘commitments’ to try and buy off both SNP and English Tory voters.

You can’t please us both Gordon. UK-wide, consistent, needs based review on a local level, and if Scotland ends up with more fair enough. Or full financial independence. Nothing else is acceptable.



  1. I bet they are going to carry on stealing English tax payer monies. I bet they are going to try to steal even more using this “review” as an excuse to do so.
    They aint gonna change a damn thing if it means they (the sweaties) will have to pay for themselves mate.
    They might change the name of the Barnett formula so they can say the Barnett formula doesnt exist anymore aint we great for getting rid of it, but they will invent some other *er-hem cough cough* “fund” so they get the same or more per head.
    You know the sweaties. They aint gonna pay for themselves if they can get someone else to do it.
    Of course vindictive scotch c*nt Gordon Brown isnt going to let the English tax payers money go towards solving English problems.

  2. One problem Unionists like Brown have is they have to persuade both us and the Scots that we’d be worse off without each other. They try to convince us that we are both on the recieving end of any funding, and ultimately we should be grateful to Gordon’s Darling for spending our tax money on us.

    There is no way a review will recommend fiscal independence, it can’t logically defend Scotland’s higher spending, so it will have to go for the status quo.

    Anyway, New Labour will be gone soon I hope, and the SNP and Tories will be the ones negotiating any changes.

  3. Brown and the other members of the Scottish Raj rule the United Kingdom in the interests of their country at the expense of mine

    Whatever this years oil price the fact is that Gordon Brown has been prepared to use english money to pay for benefits to his own countrymen which he and his fellow Nu Labour cronies deny to the English who pay for them

    a good example of this is university tuition fees. Consider the scenario

    1. Nu Labour pledges in 2001 not to introduce them

    2. Nu Labour lies and introduces them

    3. The vote in parliament to triple the cost of University education would have failed had it not been for the votes of scottish mps

    4. Tuition fees are abolished in scotland and brown happily send english tax payers money to pay for what has just been denied to us

    5. The Scots happily extend free university education to eu nationals—unless they come from england, Thus denying the benefit to those that sign the cheques in a manner that surely amounts to racial discrimination

    Thus we have a situation whereby English people are treated as second class citizens by a racist ruling elite of Scots who openly make us second class citizens in our own country

    Regardless of the oil v subsidies business we should get rid of Scotland forthwith as the Scots quite deliberately discriminate against us and therefore our country needs to get rid of them

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