Posted by: secretperson | March 25, 2008

Shetland to Leave Scotland

A man in Shetland has claimed Shetland is not legally part of Scotland. He claims Shetland was only loaned to Scotland from Denmark in 1469.

I wonder how the SNP, so keen for their own land grabs, will make of this.

Maybe, as us English nationalists are so often told of England, Scotland just isn’t homogenous enough to deserve its own parliament. Maybe it has a long history of annexing land that has at one time belonged to another country. No, I am sure, apart from this man who just wants to get off breaking Scots Law, most people in Shetland feel Scottish and wish to remain part of Scotland. And it is what people feel and wish that is important. Not historical trivia or governmental convenience. Scotland will continue being Scotland, with Shetland, and let us hope England is given the right to be England.



  1. The Orcadian Isles do seem to be something of an oddity in legal terms, but I’d still be very surprised if this guy wins his case.
    Seriously, this will not happen, there is no way the Scottish government will allow this, after all, if Shetland goes so does over half its prospective oil revenues and they might try to stay in the union.

  2. The man in question is also English! That’s a tangled web 🙂

    As for Shetland having the oil fields? not much of it cos the islands are small and hence so is their sea area.

    I’m Scottish and think it’s good England has a sense of it’s own nationhood. I’m for two seperate nations but allies at the same time.

  3. Yes Robert, I would like to be allies too, that doesn’t mean we need to share a government. If we can get over the insults we’ll find English and Scottish Nationalists are natural allies.

    Alec Salmond is the most important pro-English Parliament politician after all.

    We should work together against the Unionists. People before political institutions.

  4. If Shetland wants self-determination, let them have it. But it shouldn’t be as some plot to attach themselves to England, that would be even more detrimental.

    By the way, I’d hope that when Scotland and England become independent, that both would have regional devolution within them. For far too long, London and the so called “Home Counties” have been sponging off the rest of the UK.

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