Posted by: secretperson | March 24, 2008

Union Jack to Fly all the Time – and Maybe St George Cross too!

A White Paper is being launched suggesting flying the Union Jack all year round. In another Britishness Brown moment (though one of the saner ones) the proposal to relax restrictions on when government buildings can fly the flag is planned to boost Britishness.

Apparently the flags of the individual nations may also be flown as well. And the Union flag will no longer take precedence over the individual national flags. This of course means that in UK buildings in Scotland the Saltire and Union Jack will fly side by side, whilst on Scottish government buildings only the Scottish flag will fly. In England, where we have of course no government buildings to fly the Cross of St George from, it would be nice to see it flying from public buildings, but will it really?

Let us hope so, but I can’t help feeling somehow this will end up with England being made to fly the British flag, and Scotland and Wales being allowed to fly their own flags. Call me a cynic, but this is how Brown’s Britishness normally works.

The good news is that this is only public buildings, all the rest of us can fly our national flag, the Cross of St George, with pride.



  1. I can’t help feeling somehow this will end up with England being made to fly the British flag

    Exactly mate. However, the anti-English, so-called new labour party cannot make us English take down our England flags/banners, i.e. the cross of St George and the white dragon banner from our houses, cars, vans, etc. Oh they might try, but they’re fighting a losing battle. How are they going to stop
    us flying our emblems? They can’t stop all of us. There are too many of us.
    I try to see the best in everything and you know what? A lot of people, other than English nationalists, hate the fact that Brown is going to fly the union flag. He cant win. He is cultivating enemies left, right and centre. I say let the bastard continue with what he’s doing. The idiot has probably converted more people to the English nationalist cause than all the advertising by the pro-English groups put together. Keep it up Brown. Like Chelsea fans sang, you dont know what youre doing you mug!!

  2. I have always felt English rather than British, but a lot of people only came to feel this way post-devolution, which was Brown’s brain child. And his attempts to repair his errors just seem like rubbing it in our face. He is annoying left, right and centre, and England, Scotland and Wales!

  3. MR secret person –please shout louder and louder you are saying all the things most english people are wanting to say but are being ignored by the unelected uk government

  4. Poor GB, he really is the worst PM that England has ever had, even Ted Heath could make friends better than him! Let’s fly the English flag above Parliament and Whitehall, and let those that want to be British fly the Union flag. This would never happen of course, Brown is Scottish, and so Britishness is perhaps a nice way of taking our eyes away from this…

  5. How can flying this rag equate to being “British” one Country is missing from it, Wales for the numpties that don’t know!! Sort that inaccuracy out and maybe just maybe Welsh people might think more British!!

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